Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction and full arch reconstruction requires the use of very specific lab protocols and techniques to create a highly aesthetic case, as well as the most accurate relationship between gums, bones, muscles, and teeth. Our team understands that the mouth is a complex system and without a proper bite, chewing will become diminished and restorations will become compromised.

When Crystal Dental Lab prepares a full arch or full mouth reconstruction case with you please expect to receive:

  • Completed Lab prescription (length of centrals , etc..  more details the better)
  • 2 sets of mounted stone models
  • Diagnostic wax-up based on your smile design request
  • Bite transfer matrix (stent)
  • Provisional matrix. (single and dual arch)
  • Prep matrix guide (reduction guides)
  • Managing the bite form (filled out)
  • 3 compass with preset welded positions

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