‪Digital Impressions


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‪”Decrease Cost and Time”


More and more clinicians are turning to invest in chairside digital impression systems by collaborating with digitally enabled laboratories to labor-save their workflow and decrease cost and time of treatment.  We take all digital impression scan cases for iTero, 3M, and Trios

‪When utilizing digital impressions, you can minimize costs on trays, impression material, and shipping. Plus, an additional discount of $20 is given per unit when you choose model-free restorations.


Communication is improved between the doctor and lab through the implementation of digital impressions. It allows the doctor and lab to have a more prompt and direct line while discussing cases. Any issues with the scan can be dealt with immediately, rather than a few days later with the traditional impression.

The turnaround time is shortened to only 24-48 hours when utilizing digital impressions. In contrast, it generally takes a lab 2 weeks to finish a crown once they are given a traditional impression from the doctor. Additionally, it typically takes 48-72 hours before a lab technician even gets the opportunity to look at the case.

The patients do not have to experience the hassle of having impression material in their mouth; numerous patients even have suffered from a gag reflex due to the material. The implementation of digital impressions entirely removes this step of discomfort for the patient and prep time.

Digital impressions create more precise fits, which results in fewer remakes. Unlike traditional impressions, distortion or margin inaccuracy issues are minimalized in digital impressions. The doctor is able to observe any impression problems directly on the screen and is able to create any modifications before sending it out to a lab. This allows the lab to produce a crown with a more exact fit.


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