True Definition Scanner


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Have an easy gag reflex?

                                                          No problem with new 3M™  True Definition Scanner



Digital dentistry for better patient care. 3M is proud to offer digital impressions with the 3M™  True Definition Scanner. Accurate, fast and comfortable, the scanner captures a 3D “impression” or model of patient’s teeth to help 3M produce better fitting restorations like crowns and bridges—or even to make clear aligners.



• Accurate: resulting in nicer looking, better fitting restorations

• Fast: Slim, lightweight wand for fast, easy scanning

• Comfortable: Especially for anyone with a low tolerance for traditional impressions


 How does it work?


3M simply move the scanner around the area being treated, capturing video of all sides of the teeth and gums.


Patients can watch the 3D model of their teeth appear on the monitor in real time. When the scan is complete, doctor can review, zoom in or out, and rotate the image to get a true picture of patients’ oral anatomies, so they can ask questions and better understand what’s being done.


The impression is often sent to a dental laboratory to produce the restoration or aligner. This eliminates the need for temporaries and doctor doesn’t need to return for a second appointment.